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  • Fix Common NextGen EHR & EPM Performance Issues

    Fix Common NextGen EHR & EPM Performance Issues

    NextGen EHR & EPM issues can wreak havoc on your practice’s productivity. From slow response times to upgrade issues to lack of training, NextGen performance problems have many causes. If left unresolved, NextGen EHR performance problems can create errors and burn out your staff. TempDev can help your practice identify and resolve NextGen EHR issues […]

  • Optimize the Medical Billing Process with NextGen

    Optimize the Medical Billing Process with NextGen

    The medical billing experience frequently causes frustration among patients and healthcare workers. Revcycle Intelligence reports that 33 percent of patients are unhappy with the lack of improvement in this area. Optimize the medical billing process to make a significant impact on employee and patient satisfaction along with revenue capture. Here are five ways to deliver […]

  • EHR Impact on Patient Experience

    EHR Impact on Patient Experience

    Electronic health records (EHR) and electronic medical records (EMR) have an enormous impact on medical practices. They streamline the daily patient process by quickly giving providers the information they need to provide the best care. Other aspects of these systems improve billing and lessen waiting times, which leads to a more efficient and profitable practice. […]

  • NextGen EPM Consulting Services

    NextGen EPM Consulting Services

    You may know TempDev as the company who offers NextGen EHR implementation, training and development, but did you know we also have a diverse range of NextGen Practice Management and Financial Service Offerings? We are also well versed in NextGen EPM Consulting and are well poised to help your practice achieve better financial outcomes. NextGen […]