What is SBAR?

SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation) is a communication tool used in healthcare settings to relay patient information from one provider to another—for example, from a nurse to a physician. Effective use of SBAR allows a healthcare professional to quickly step into a situation before reviewing more detailed records.

The SBAR technique was initially developed by the U.S. military in the 1940s as a way to relay information on nuclear submarines quickly. Since then, SBAR has become a component of safety protocol in a wide variety of professions.

SBAR gained popularity in healthcare as a way to prevent miscommunication when transferring patients between caregivers. The information contained in an SBAR can be communicated verbally or in writing.

Components of the SBAR Procedure

The four components of the SBAR procedure are designed to be concise, ensuring that only the most critical information is passed along. Here is a breakdown of what’s typically included.

  • Situation: The specific circumstances of a situation are explained.
  • Background: Essential information related to the current situation, with only the most essential historical data.
  • Assessment: A precise analysis of the current situation.
  • Recommendation: A suggestion for resolving the current situation based on the above information.

Situations Where SBAR Is Used

While the SBAR technique can be applied in many healthcare scenarios, there are some common situations where it is standard practice. These situations include shift changes and when a patient gets transferred to another unit. More detailed information can be found in a patient’s chart, but SBAR assures that providers are aware of critical information ahead of time.

SBAR is also useful in emergency situations, such as when many caregivers might be called into service quickly. Due to the popularity of the protocol, most healthcare IT systems will include some sort of SBAR tool. 

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