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Template Development

Customize your NextGen EHR templates to meet your critical business needs by working with TempDev!

TempDev’s developers can create templates that will save you time and money. Make your Nextgen EHR work better for you by automating and simplifying your practice’s common processes. TempDev will work with you to create solutions that help you quickly and easily document visits, meet regulatory requirements, and get reimbursed with minimal denials. Templates can also help you streamline workflows and improve efficiency. Whether you want to add fields to a built-in NextGen KBM Template or create an entire specialty, TempDev is here to help. 

Get the most out of your EMR you with best-in-class NextGen EHR support from TempDev. We are here to help with any template, document, or SQL stored procedure modification. We have creative solutions for all your customization needs. 

Custom templates can save you time and money. Click here to see examples of our existing templates. Or contact us to get started developing your custom templates today. 

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